AMTTC Introduction

The Advanced Medical Technology Transfer Center (AMTTC), situated in BOAO Lecheng within the Hainan Free Trade Port, represents a pivotal collaboration between Hainan Free Trade Port Boao Hope City (Hope City) and the China Clinical Translational Medicine Industry Society (CCTMIS). AMTTC’s core mission is to accelerate the adoption of state-of-the-art medical products and technologies, ultimately enriching the landscape of healthcare and well-being in China.

At AMTTC, we are steadfast in our commitment to introducing cutting-edge international medical innovations to China, thereby contributing significantly to the advancement of healthcare and overall well-being in the region.

The AMTTC facility is structured around four key service pillars:

  • AMTTC Medical Center: Through strategic partnerships with premier hospitals across Hainan, AMTTC boasts the ability to seamlessly integrate additional medical center resources for immediate market entry. Furthermore, our Medical Center facilitates Real-world studies to support NMPA registration requirements.
  • AMTTC Regulatory Intelligence: We provide you with comprehensive insights into the myriad registration pathways offered by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). Our expertise assists you in formulating an effective NMPA regulatory strategy and streamlines the NMPA registration process.
  • AMTTC 2H Medical Exploration Center: Serving as a conduit for B2C health and wellness companies, we offer an interactive platform that imparts medical knowledge to the public, fostering education, hope, and solutions for potential customers. Additionally, our center provides captivating product showcases, bolstering brand visibility for medical companies.
  • AMTTC Market Intelligence: Leveraging the extensive resources of CCTMIS, we furnish you with invaluable insights into your target market, empowering informed business strategies and decision-making. We facilitate your establishment of strategic partnerships within China by connecting you with key business stakeholders, influential opinion leaders (KOLs), and a diverse array of funding resources. AMTTC also facilitates intellectual property trading.

CCTMIS, a constituent of the National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management, serves as a robust network spanning China, integrating clinical institutes, funding sources, enterprises, and research organizations. As of today, CCTMIS comprises an impressive consortium of over 60 medical working groups.


Translational Medicine Ecosystem

CCTMIS, a constituent of the National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management (NAHIEM), serves as a robust network that spans across China. Within this expansive network, CCTMIS seamlessly integrates clinical institutes, funding sources, enterprises, and research organizations. CCTMIS’s primary aim is to cultivate a thriving translational medical ecosystem that facilitates rapid progress in medical translation.

1 +

Over 10,000 academicians, clinical institutions and experts

1 +

over 3,000 medical production and service enterprises

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over 300 medical industry investment and financing institutions

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Scientific R&D

over 200 scientific R&D and research institutions

CCTMIS Working Groups

A thriving community

As of today, CCTMIS boasts a dynamic consortium comprising more than 60 medical working groups, each bolstered by a dedicated team of clinicians from diverse regions across China. These groups encompass a wide spectrum of medical specialties, including but not limited to Cerebrovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular diagnosis and treatment, Endocrine and metabolic disease, Pain rehabilitation, Allergic reaction, Osteopathic Medicine, and others. It’s important to note that CCTMIS operates as an inclusive and open platform, continuously fostering growth and expansion.

Comprising over 60 medical working groups

Cerebrovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease
Cerebral hemorrhage
Allergic reaction
Vascular diagnosis and treatment
Cardiovascular system
Endocrine and metabolic diseases
Pain rehabilitation
Applied human microbiome

AMTTC with Hope City & Policy Bonus

Hope City

Boao Hope City, also known as the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone (the “Pilot Zone”) was established with the approval of the State Council on February 28, 2013 and granted certain preferential policies.

  • Local quick landing by franchise use of innovative medical products

  • NMPA fast-track approval for cutting-edge international medical products

  • Real-world data collected from medical franchise use facilitates NMPA registration

  • Visa Free For 59 countries

  • Low tax rate

Brief introduction to Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone

Policy Bonus

National Support Policies

Benefits from the Policy

  • Medical products launched overseas which are in urgent need of clinical use can be used at reasonable fees in prescribed medical institutions after approval.
  • Approval time for franchise use after submission is only 3-7 days.
  • The Pilot zone is the only place in China where realworld evidence of leading-edge medicine and medical devices is allowed as supporting evidence to accelerate the NMPA registration.
  • Reduce NMPA registration time by 1-3 years for innovative medicines and medical devices.

International Medical Tourism

Medical tourism plays an important role in building Hainan Free Trade Port into an international tourism and consumption center.
  • Visa free for 59 countries
  • Influence radiated to Southeast Asia and other domains
  • Attract medical tourists from the US and other countries with local prices for advanced medical treatment such as CAR-T
Over 300 varieties of licensed drugs and devices landed by Jan., 2023.

AMTTC Offers

Medical Franchise Usage Application Service

AMTTC leverages its clinical institute connections to assist you in applying for medical franchise usage in Hope City, enabling you to generate immediate revenue opportunities.

Chinese Mainland Market Adaption Assessment for Your Business Strategy

Medical Franchise Usage can validate the product’s compatibility with local healthcare practices, patient preferences, and regulatory standards. With Chinese Mainland Market Adaption Assessment, your company can tailor your marketing and product strategies to maximize acceptance and success in the Chinese market.

Real-world Study and NMPA registration service

Real-world data generated in Hope City can expedite the NMPA registration process and reduce clinical study expenses in China. AMTTC can streamline your NMPA registration pathway, leading to cost savings and faster registration timelines.

AMTTC Happy Healthy Medical Exploration Center

  • Provide audiences interactive experience to extensively understand human physiology, disease process, patient care, and the latest treatment solutions through an immersive digital exhibition and showcase tour
  • A channel for those B2C health and wellness companies to provide education, hope, and solutions to your potential customers
  • Offers engaging product showcases and builds brand awareness

Access to a wide range of resources

  • Forging invaluable partnerships with Key industry player
  • Cultivating strategic relationships with KOLs
  • Access diverse funding resources
  • Facilitating Intellectual Property trading